Abdul Latif Al-Amin

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"Abdul Latif Al-Amin"
"Follows Traditional Sunni."
Full Name:Abdul Latif Al-Amin
Residence:United States of America
Alive:Currently Present
Follows:Traditional Sunni
Sciences Studied:Aqeedah (Belief)
Fiqh (Law)
Hadith (Prophetic Narrations)
Seerah (Biography of the Prophet)
Non-Islamic Sciences Studied:Sports Medicine
Teachers:Faraz Rabbani
Omar Quershi
Hamza Karamli
Abdul-Kareem Yahya
Institutions Studied:North Dakota State University
Omar Quershi
Hamza Karamli
Abdul-Kareem Yahya
Places Studied:United States of America
Abdul Latif Al-Amin from the United States of America converted to Islam in 1996 after feeling a spiritual void in his heart. After taking his shahada the ustadh has studied under various shuyukh including Faraz Rabbani, Omar Quershi, Hamza Karamli and Abdul-Kareem Yahya. Abdul Latif has studied great sciences such as Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadith and Seerah. The ustadh has studied in North Dakota University and has able to complete over 40 courses elsewhere with SunniPath from 2004 to 2009. He has also studied Arabic in Chicago under other scholars. Ustadh Abdul Latif Al-Amin co founded Mercy Islamic Tutoring which is an online Islamic Education focusing on the foundations of Islam.

Current Life

Abdul Latif Al-Amin is a teacher and assists in SeekersGuidance. He is also a researcher for Foundation for Advancement and Development of Education and Learning, where he researches various topics for Islamic Curriculum development. The ustadh also is a khatib at his local mosque.